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Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

This blog post was originally posted on Austin Technology Council's weekend update on August 19, 2016.

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?

Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

With investment firms still looking to deploy large amounts of money, competition for deals continues to be fierce. For firms actively looking for new investments, displaying true value add is.

Optimizing the finance function as part of your 100-day plan

Every private equity firm needs to have the finance function of their portco optimized through a 100-day plan. In most cases, the job is placed in the hands of the portco CFO, whom you hire to .

4 Things private equity should look for in an outsourced provider

Many private equity firms are looking to outsource their finance and accounting needs. We have long since reached a point where using a third-party provider is more cost-effective and more efficient .

Why private equity firms are turning to professional finance and accounting providers

It’s relatively well known today that private equity firms always turn to ROI when they are contemplating making specific buying decisions.

The art of the roll-up, part II: Integrating acquisitions into a roll-up

As a private equity firm completes an acquisition, it’s vital that certain finance and accounting activities at the portfolio company continue uninterrupted, regardless of the distraction that a .

How private equity investors can get the most from their CFO

GPs may be eager to leverage the talents of portfolio company CFOs, but managing the tactical responsibilities of the finance department can interfere with the CFO’s ability to develop larger .

Bad books can cost you a lot when dealing with private equity investors

If you were to discuss this subject and the market in general with an investor, and if you were to ask them:

● How do you decide where to invest? Which companies are your preferred choice for .

The art of the roll-up, part I: The value of a smooth integration of the finance function

As buy and build strategies became a staple strategy for private equity firms, it’s important for firms to remember the value of a smooth roll-up of the finance function.

Why private equity firms get meaningful partnerships by outsourcing

Choosing to outsource accounting and the administration role is a huge decision for every private equity fund manager. With that in mind, we are here to talk about all the benefits that a manager can .

The impacts of ASC 606 and why private equity firms need to pay more attention

You have probably heard by now about the new revenue recognition standard that goes by the acronym ASC 606. If you have, you know its importance.

Consero Global’s Inside the Portfolio Series:  How Gimmal found a new gear

Gimmal’s private equity backers saw the potential for the records management company to transition from services to software, but first, Gimmal had to ensure the finance function could handle the .

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