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Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

This blog post was originally posted on Austin Technology Council's weekend update on August 19, 2016.

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?

Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

With investment firms still looking to deploy large amounts of money, competition for deals continues to be fierce. For firms actively looking for new investments, displaying true value add is.

The impacts of ASC 606 and why private equity firms need to pay more attention

You have probably heard by now about the new revenue recognition standard that goes by the acronym ASC 606. If you have, you know its importance.

How Bill.com is an essential part of Consero’s FaaS model

Consero founded in 2006, and from the very start, we wanted to focus on providing high-quality service to high-growth companies. We aimed at offering a superior alternative to a traditional in-house .

Consero Global’s Inside the Portfolio Series:  How Gimmal found a new gear

Gimmal’s private equity backers saw the potential for the records management company to transition from services to software, but first, Gimmal had to ensure the finance function could handle the .

How Automation and AI are modifying the financial close

One thing today is sure – businesses are no longer being run and operated in the same way as before.

A new revenue recognition standard for GAAP companies

All companies in the US, mostly private companies that follow the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, need to start implementing the new revenue recognition rules if they haven’t .

What should private equity firms do if their portfolio companies are always late in providing financials?

In our cooperation with many private equity firms, we’ve realized one thing – they all have very similar problems with their portfolio companies.

Turnover in finance & accounting – What to do when a key member leaves?

In every business, no matter the type or size, members leave, and often they are essential employees. Turnover is commonplace and cannot be eliminated. The turnover rate can be reduced, but it cannot .

Finance & Accounting: In-House vs. Outsource

Every company that wants to get a better handle on their finance and accounting function has the eternal dilemma of either hiring an in-house team to perform it within the company or retain the .

Why PE portfolio companies struggle to generate timely & accurate financials

The private equity firms of the world deal with a lot of money – the whole market is worth around 3 trillion dollars according to individual reports.

How does Consero prepare a portfolio company for the exit?

Every private equity firm out there, when they make an investment and acquire a company, they are already thinking about their end game – their exit strategy. The primary goal of most private equity .

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