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Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

Four Challenges Companies Face With Their Finance Teams

This blog post was originally posted on Austin Technology Council's weekend update on August 19, 2016.

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?

What is the cost of outsourced accounting?


Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

Why more private equity firms are developing shared services in finance & accounting

  With investment firms still looking to deploy large amounts of money, competition for deals continues to be fierce.  For firms actively looking for new investments, displaying true value add is.

How will the new accounting standard, IFRS 15, affect processes for CFOs?

International Financial Reporting Standard 15 is already transforming the way CFOs measure metrics and handle other tasks.

5 Attributes CFOs should possess

CFOs need a variety of skills to succeed in the modern business world, from building interpersonal relationships to understanding cutting edge finance and accounting software.

In-House or Outsource? How Outsourcing Finance & Accounting Saves Time and Money

All too often, businesses find themselves buried in a seemingly endless pile of paperwork, trying to collect payments from clients, make payments to providers, or deal with all sorts of other .

Top tech gadgets every CFO needs in their arsenal


Are a lack of financial controls costing you money? Take the Consero Performance Assessment.

Poor financial controls can create significant waste, fraud, or decreased credit rating – yet it happens to thousands of businesses every year.  A sound internal control environment is the .

What is the Future of Finance? 5 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Finance Department

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence (AI), alongside several other technologies, has completely changed the way financial departments are operating. In fact, some of these industry .

Consero awarded Sage Intacct President’s Club distinction - third year in a row

This coveted sales and customer satisfaction award is given annually by Sage Intacct to its top-performing channel partners. The award recognizes value added resellers (VARs) and Sage Intacct .

Will blockchain impact CFOs?

Blockchain is a transformative technology inside and outside of the business world. Learn how it can impact CFOs and entire businesses.

6 Things Private Equity Firms Look for in Companies

When private equity (PE) firms look for companies to invest in or buy, they have a set of criteria in mind. For starters, these companies need to show strong growth potential regarding both sales .

What is the Evolution of the CFO?

Certain CFO responsibilities will remain the same for years to come, but others may change rapidly for this increasingly important member of the C-suite.

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