Consero Exceeds Fundraising Goal to Educate Orphaned Children in India

TMF 2The definition of “give” is to place a specified value on something. However, the value of education is priceless - especially when you live in poverty.

In 2015, Consero Global led the charge in creating campaigns for their employees that engaged them in critical giving for The Miracle Foundation. Through this energy, we were able to transform the lives of orphan children and change their story.

The Miracle Foundation is a multi-national nonprofit organization, based in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to empower orphans to reach their full potential, one child at a time.

Education in rural India is often very poor. As part of empowering orphans to reach their full potential, The Miracle Foundation actively focuses on education, providing children with the bright futures they deserve.

MF_logo_372x100The $22,950 Consero Global raised will cover the costs to provide highly trained and effective tutors for the children at orphanages supported by The Miracle Foundation.

This year’s campaign was a 50% increase from last year. “Consero’s hard work and dedication is truly exemplified through our employees, clients, partners and friends who rose to the challenge of exceeding an aggressive fundraising goal to help The Miracle Foundation change children’s lives,” said Consero Global President Bill Klein.

The Miracle Foundation has developed a proven, step-by-step method for turning institutional orphanages into loving homes where children can thrive. “We are thrilled to support an organization that has not only a great mission but also a strategic process in place where they can measure milestones and work towards a specific outcome,” Bill explains.

Supporting The Miracle Foundation is tied to the nature of Consero’s vision which is: F&A that efficiently creates understanding and certainty to drive businesses forward. These philanthropic efforts help drive children forward - to a brighter future.

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